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Nowgong (nagaon) Central Bank of India Branches

List of all Central Bank of India branches in Nowgong (nagaon)
KathiatoliCentral Bank of IndiaNowgong (nagaon)CBI, KATHIATOLI BRANCH, BAZAR ROAD, P.O. KATHIALOLI, DIST- NOWGONG (NAGAON), ASSAM-782427.
MissaCentral Bank of IndiaNowgong (nagaon)CBI, MISSA BRANCH, A.T. ROAD, P.O. MISSA, DIST- NOWGONG (NAGAON), ASSAM-782138.
Nagaon (nowgong)Central Bank of IndiaNowgong (nagaon)CBI,NAGAON (NOWGONG) BRANCHDECCAPATTY, P.O. NOWGONGDIST-NOWGONG (NAGAON),ASSAM-782001
NilbaganCentral Bank of IndiaNowgong (nagaon)CBI, NILBAGAN BRANCH, AT & P.O. NILBAGAN, NILBAGAN, DIST- NOWGONG (NAGAON), ASSAM-782445.

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